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Barnston Island

Application #  35256
Applicant:  Barnston Island Majority Landowners and Residents Committee
Agent:  Bill Tsakumis
Type of Application:  Exclusion
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Barnston Island, Greater Vancouver Regional District

Last Updated: September 6, 2006

The Proposal
The Barnston Island Majority Landowners and Residents Committee, on behalf of approximately 23 landowners consisting of approximately 37 legal lots, apply to the Agricultural Land Commission to remove these lands from the ALR. (see map) The total acreage of these lands is approximately 1,100 acres or a total of 85% of all lands on Barnston Island outside of the Katzie Indian Reserve.

The Barnston Committee, the landowners, and the various industry and technical professionals who have provided their knowledge and expertise with regards to the Island's situation, have indicated that the land and soil insufficiencies should not be considered in isolation, but rather, they should be considered within a a broader context of the overall question of the island, as it exists today. Clearly, Barnston Island possesses some of the most unique characteristics in the province leading us [the Barnston Committee] to the need to pursue changes through this application. It is through this application that the committee is hopeful the Commission can discover the nature of the Island as it existed in the past, how it exists today, and how the citizens of the Island and region require it to exist in the future.

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